Venlo Investments

Case Study


For a long time Ty Hermans, Managing Director of Venlo Investments, had no time for recruitment firms. He openly admits he hated them after several bad experiences with stereotypical recruiters left him angry and frustrated. He swore he’d never engage another recruiter again.

But all that changed after connecting with the team at Onten. Today Hermans’ views the recruitment partnership between Venlo and Onten as a value-added service for his business. One that delivers great results.


Venlo Investments



Strategic Recruitment

It was the sheer volume of growth across his business that forced Hermans to reconsider the option of engaging an external partner. He was stretched too thin and could no longer effectively manage the recruitment process alone.  

He was pleasantly surprised after a referral led him to meet with Onten. The team’s approach was the opposite of everything he feared. “I never felt pressured. There was none of that real estate agent feel. Instead, they really opened my mind to what the relationship could look like,” he says. Hermans describes the team as professional and flexible with great systems and processes.

Trust & Collaboration

“Onten provides the feel of an internal HR team with the bonus of being connected with excellent networks. They are professional, flexible and genuinely care. I have 100% confidence in how they represent our brand.”

Ty Hermans

Tangible Results

The value Venlo derives from the partnership goes beyond identifying and selecting leading candidates. Hermans has also found the team’s honest approach and independent advice invaluable.


“Several times they have brought their systems and processes into the second and third interview stage and challenged my ideas about who was the right candidate for the role. That objective view was great and helped me see things from a different angle,” he says.


Herman also credits Onten’s flexible approach as one of the keys to their success. “They are not one size fits all. It really is a value-added service tailored to what we need.”


Range of Placements

Onten has worked closely with Ty Hermans to recruit for roles in a variety of areas across his businesses including:

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Production Planning Manager
  • Assistant Accountant
  • Accounts Payable & Receivable Officer
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator