Case Study


When EDL sought out an external recruitment firm to partner with, they were looking for more than the standard engagement. They wanted something different. A genuine partner. Someone who could bring knowledge, experience and a wide-ranging network to the table, while operating as a trusted extension of their business in the market.

Hayden Smith, EDL’s Human Resources Manager, knew exactly where to go. He had worked with Onten’s Founder Michelle Gray before and knew the relationship would be the ideal fit.





Smarter Selection

Smith says EDL was looking for a partner who was willing to invest in the process of understanding them and some of the challenges the organisation faces in filling key roles. ”Not everyone suits EDL,” he says. “Every recruiter can go through an interview and ask the questions. But for us, it’s more about cultural fit and how someone likes to work. For people to stick here they have to be connected to the company.”

Trust & Collaboration

“Onten are very good at what they do. They headhunt for us because they have such a great network and it is not often they miss. I see them as a great partner. I made the decision years ago to find a trusted partner for key appointments in middle to senior professional roles. Onten have certainly delivered that for us.”

Hayden Smith

Tangible Results

Onten has worked closely with Smith and his team to understand what makes a potential employee an ideal match for EDL’s company culture and work environment. A unique desire for variety and an equal appreciation for structure sit at the heart of most matches. Smith says staff at EDL often wear multiple hats and every day is different. But there is also a lot of structure and much of the work can be technical. “I couldn’t describe an ideal EDL person in words. Our relationship with Michelle and Onten is invaluable because she gets us. They really understand our business at a deep level. They know who will fit and who won’t without us needing to explain it each time,” he says.


Onten’s vast contact network is another benefit EDL appreciates in the partnership. Smith doubts he could hire an internal resource with the reach Onten delivers at senior levels. He regards the partnership as the best possible solution for the business. “They are an experienced, knowledgeable business partner who understands what a good fit looks like for us. We trust them to deliver a great result,” he says.


Range of Placements

Onten and EDL have built a long-term relationship focused on trust, respect and collaboration over many years, with Onten placing a wide range of positions including:


  • Global Head of Sustainability & Risk
  • Global Performance Manager
  • Group Manager Engineering Services
  • Global OH&S Manager
  • Group HSE Systems Manager
  • Group Manager Operational Excellence
  • Senior HSE Advisor Operations
  • Health and Safety Advisor
  • Proposals and Communications Advisor
  • Business Development Manager
  • Commercial Manager
  • Electrical Safety and Compliance Manager
  • Financial Controller
  • Innovation Manager
  • Internal Audit Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Wholesale – Energy Markets Manager
  • Control Panel Operator