The Key Benefits Of Engaging A Recruitment Specialist

Engaging a recruitment partner to help secure the best talent for your organisation is a big decision. You are outsourcing the representation of your brand and putting your faith in the notion that someone else can know and understand your business as well as you do. It is often a daunting decision. But it doesn’t need to be.

When you align with the right recruitment partner – one who is invested in building long-term relationships and truly integrating with your business – exceptional results can be achieved.

Pressure on time and resources is often the first reason a business looks to engage with an external recruitment firm. Typically, there is an important role that needs filling, and the internal HR team don’t have the bandwidth, reach or resources to achieve the desired outcome. We’ve worked with many clients over the years who sought us out on the back of an urgent placement need. But it’s what happens next that delivers the greatest value when partnering with and specialist recruiter.

Far beyond just filling a role with a leading candidate, several key benefits can be realised by those businesses willing to invest the time to find the right recruitment partner. These includes:

Access to wide contact networks
Often a business will specialise in its own niche or industry segment, but not have access to the wider market. Leaning into a partner’s network can make all the difference. As specialist recruiters, we have unparalleled reach in a wide range of sectors and industries. At Onten our referral networks have been built up over decades. They are filled with names and numbers a standard recruiter would sell their mother for!

What this means for clients is we can get their roles in front of the best potential candidates. Even those who are not actively looking, or who work outside the sector your business operates in. This point is vital as ideal fit candidates for senior executive and professional positions are often found through headhunting. The only way to ensure you are getting your role in front of the right people is to know who they are, where to find them, and how to reach them. Many internal HR teams just do not have the contacts or cross-industry reach needed to fill senior roles.

Tapping into specialist recruitment skills and expertise
Great recruitment is part science and part art. The selection of candidates from a skills and experience perspective is essential. That’s the science. Choosing an external recruitment partner who utilises a detailed selection process is almost always going to give you a better result than you could have achieved on your own. It’s the time we have to dedicate to each step that makes the difference. Remember it is our sole focus.

But it’s the element of ‘art’ where clients reap huge rewards. Understanding people, their personalities, ambitions, quirks and drivers are skills great recruiters spend years developing. We can tell if a candidate is the right fit for our clients often before they can. This is where the soft skills of a strategic recruiter really come into their own. Instinct and intuition built up over many years of experience is invaluable in being able to identify a truly great match between a client and candidate.

Reduced risk via guarantee periods
The cost of a bad hire is significant for any business. Engaging a recruiter with a robust selection process and a good guarantee period is a smart way to reduce risk. You carry no additional recruitment costs if the hire works out not to be a great fit. The recruiter will undergo the entire process again, free of charge. Here at Onten we offer a six month guarantee period. This is largely unheard of across the industry. We can do this because of our proven 10 Step Selection Process. We know it works thanks to our 96% stick rate – the percentage of placed candidates staying with our clients beyond six months. Our clients enjoy the extra peace of mind that comes with a six month guarantee. Your business can do the same.

Better recruitment outcomes
When you build a long term relationship with a trusted specialist recruiter they become an extension of your internal HR team. They get to know your businesses inside and out. They understand your culture, your business needs, and the requirements and nuisances of each position. Having a partner with an intuitive understanding of your business, combined with recruitment skills and expertise, is the perfect recipe for a great outcome on each hire. It is smart business that delivers increased efficiency, reduce risk and enhanced results.

Next time you need to fill that all important senior role take a moment to think back over these benefits. Can you achieve each of these with your own internal resources? If the answer is no, take the first step to engage a long term recruitment partner. Your business will flourish as a result.

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