How To Secure Top Talent In A Candidate Short Market

It’s time to change up your approach. In a market flush with roles and short on candidates, the standard recruitment approach of years gone by is no longer cutting it. Waiting for the best talent to respond to your job posting and then choose you, is likely to see you left stranded on the sidelines. Having to opt for your second or third preference as your more proactive competitors snap up the top-tier candidates.

The war on talent is certainly real. So, what are the keys to success in a candidate short market?

There are several steps you can take to ensure you are constantly putting your best foot forward. The most effective of these is stepping into the candidates’ shoes. You gain a head start when you take a moment to view your business through a potential employee’s eyes. For example, how may they view your company culture, what reputation does your organisation have in the marketplace, and how do you compare to your competitors in the main areas that will no doubt play into their decision making?

Employers who do well in a candidate short market are those who can flick the switch in an interview situation and sell their wares to the talent pool. Remember, candidates are assessing you as much as you are assessing them.

Here is a shortlist of the key questions candidates are constantly seeking to answer about their next career move:

  • What is the company’s culture really like?
  • What is my future leader’s default leadership style, and are they truly invested in their teams’ progression, enhancing competency and people’s careers?
  • What are the potential career pathways if I accept this role?
  • How many other internals have a similar skill set to me and would apply for the same role?
  • What does work/life balance mean to this organisation, and how is it managed?
  • What reward and recognition programs are in place?

Give careful consideration to these areas and have well-defined answers ready to share and discuss during interviews. Your aim is to leave your potential recruits with a lasting impression that will foster a positive connection, capture their attention, and assist in their resignation process to prevent being swayed by a counteroffer. Take these steps and you will be well placed to secure leading talent in a candidate short market.

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